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Clark Consulting


Meeting today's goals and envisioning a new tomorrow

Examples of evaluation work by Clark Consulting include: 

  • Primary evaluator, $9.1 million, 5-year  U. S. Dept. of Education Star Schools grant
  • Evaluator, U.S. Dept. of Education FIPSE grant-funded masters degree for medical educators
  • Lead evaluator,  evaluations of 4 statewide virtual schools, full-time/charter and supplemental
  • Lead evaluator, Chicago Public Schools eLearning program
  • Evaluator, museum-based multimedia project funded by Institute of Museum & Library Services
  • Participating evaluator,  3 statewide evaluations of federally funded state education agency grants
  • Participating evaluator,  evaluation of online learning in the federal Job Corps program

Publication services include but are not limited to:

  • Reports on special topics of interest, such as policy analyses and case study research reports
  • White papers in our areas of expertise (digital learning, education and training innovations, program evaluation, educational research)

 Program planning and management services include:

  • Confidential consultations for funded programs, education agencies and universities in areas such as  needs assessment, outcomes-based planning and evaluation, and program accreditation 
  • Grantwriting assistance for state, federal and foundation grantseekers



Clark Consulting provides a range of services at all educational levels, in the areas of Program Evaluation, Publication, and Planning and Management


Program Evaluation services may be:

  • For program improvement or accountability, whether at the program's discretion or in response to a funder or stakeholder mandate.
  • Long or short-term, focused on the overall program or key issues of interest. 
  • Involve formative evaluation (needs, front-end, developmental) and/or summative evaluation.
  • Tom Clark, PhD is President of Clark Consulting. He has been a consultant to education, government and business for over 25 years.


Download Dr. Clark's

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Click here to contact Clark Consulting. 

Click here to contact Clark Consulting.